Do I need to book a showroom appointment?  

Yes, our showroom at Nääs Fabirker in Tollered is by appointment only. We offer 1-hour personal consultation which helps to discover and explore what works for your body types, preferences and your big day. We love the challenge of finding the perfect gown for our brides, that is what drives us.

Only 20 minutes from Gothenburg, with views of Lake Sävelången. Nääs Fabriker, an old cotton mill from the 19th century, is now a spectacular environment with a hotel, restaurants, café, stores and lots of historical buildings.

Does it cost to try dresses in the showroom? 

A total of 90-minute consultation is free which includes the first appointment at 1 hour and the second appointment at 30 minutes. A fee of 600 sek will be charged and redeemable on your purchase after 90 minutes.

Are there more styles in the showroom than those on the website? What sizes?

Yes, you will discover more designs and new inspirations in our showroom. This is a magic place where we often create new styles with our brides.

Most samples are between EU 36-44. If your size is outside this range, we always do our best to provide a great fitting experience.

Before ordering, we will take your precise sizing and body measurement to make sure your dress fits perfectly. 

How long does an appointment take? 

During your first hour-long appointment, we will get to know your body type, personality and preferences. You will then try on different styles which fit you, your wedding season and party. You may contact us for ordering by email or are welcome to book a second appointment (30 minutes) after you decide to be a part of our beautiful bridal family.

We also offer virtual appointments, which take about 30 minutes.

Will there be other appointments in the store?

No, you will have the whole showroom by yourself, your friends and family members during the booked hour.

Are there any dresses to try on or only customized service in your showroom?

Yes, we have selected dresses and samples of collections in our showroom so you may try on various styles. Please note sizes might vary. Please reach out to our online assistance if you have any questions about a specific style and size before your visit.

How many people can I bring?

You plus up to 3 guests are welcome to our showroom. We also offer free Wi-Fi so you can share that special moment virtually via your mobile devices or calling facility with your families and loved ones.

Can I design my wedding dress?

Yes, we customize your dress. We will help you try on different styles in our collection and find what works best for your body type, find your preferences and go through the details of your design.

A bridal mood board and material suggestions will be offered accordingly after order. The procedure might be up to 8 months.

Due to our capacity, time and resource, the service might be limited according to your design. 

When is your sample sale? Do you offer discount?

Year round! We offer discounts on our samples as well as made-to-order bridal wear for Early Brides and Winter Brides.

Samples Discount

We offer a 20-40% discount for our sample dresses year round. Samples are sold in current conditions, may have been test driven by customers or models for photoshoots and some may have slight imperfections. All sales are final but we offer alterations as a paid service to make samples fit as close as made-to-order dresses.

Early Bride Discount

We are excited to offer a 1000 sek discount applies to our collection if you decide to be Esther's bridal family at an early stage, when you place your order 9 - 12 months before your wedding with delivery time 4 - 6 months. You will try on your dress throughout this timeframe to have the best fitting and final touch. The dress may stay with us until the day you decide to pick up.

Winter Bride Discount

We love Winter weddings as well as Summer. Enjoy a 1000 sek discount to our collection if your wedding is between Nov. and Feb. with delivery time between Sept. and Dec.

When should I book my first appointment?

To make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible, we would like to meet you for the first time about 8 - 10 months before the wedding day. It takes a few days to try on different styles in different stores, but sometimes it takes a few weeks before you finally find "The One".

Your bridal wear is one of the few things you could get done in advance with minimum stress. There are plenty of things you have to wait until your wedding is near. So start early if you can!

What should I think about before my appointment?

Bridal wear is all about your body type, personality and wedding style. Here are some things you can prepare before appointment:

  1. What type of clothes do you usually like or dislike? For example, if you feel flattered with a V-neckline in your daily look, it often reflects so on your wedding dress, too.

  2. Season and style: If you get married on a hot summer day, short sleeves are recommended. A wedding gown without a train fits a party of 30 guests but might disappear a bit in the crowd of 120 people. If you fit various dress styles, your wedding environment and style of decorations can help you to make a perfect decision.

  3. It is helpful to bring pictures of gowns you have seen on social media or websites, or if you have tried on elsewhere. We are very curious about what you have in mind!

  4. Your heel height. Your shoes in your wardrobe are a good reference if you are not sure at this stage.

  5. Backless or strapless bras are most helpful during dress fitting but not essential. Stick-on cups or low back underwear are also useful to wear to ensure you are comfortable and could provide good support for your actual wedding day.

  6. Good personal hygiene is deeply appreciated when you visit us. Re-book your appointment and please stay home if you are feeling sick.

  7. Most importantly come with an open mind! Try on various styles, even ones maybe outside of your comfort zone. You might be pleasantly surprised!

I can't come to the showroom. Can I buy a made-to-order dress online?

Yes, we deliver made-to-order and ready-to-wear to your home. Our online assistance will make sure your bridal wear journey goes perfectly. We will show you dresses, answer any questions you have and determine your size and measurement through our virtual appointment via Microsoft Teams. After ordering, we will keep you updated on your delivery, follow up at-home fitting and provide our recommendation in case of alteration.

Book a virtual appointment to meet us via Teams. Do you wish to schedule another day and time? Simply contact online assistance or email us info@estherfranke.se

When should I place my order?

We encourage you to order as soon as you have decided your style or at least 7 - 8 months before your wedding. Ideally, your made-to-order dress goes through final touch 3 - 4 months after ordering and will be completely ready 2 months before the wedding.

For ready-to-wear collection, delivery time will be displayed on each page if your size is not in stock for immediate delivery. Please check with your local professional tailor for an alteration timeline, we recommend at least 4 - 5 months allotted time for dress alteration before the wedding.

Do I have to order my bridal veil together with my dress?

No, our bridal veils are normally in stock which you can try again and decide after your bridal wear is ready. During high-season, in case of sold-out or for customized style and length, the delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

If you order your bridal veil together with your dress or during production, we will prepare them so you get your complete look for your next visit! 

What if I lost weight before the wedding?

Our dresses are designed to be able to go one size bigger or smaller with professional tailor's help. If you are not able to come to our showroom at Nääs Fabriker, please contact and book a tailor near you in advance. Our online assistance will support you with time and alteration advice.

I have bought my wedding dress from another store but the skirt is too long. I also want to add sleeves and buttons in the back. Can you help me?

Yes, upon availability. Please contact us with pictures of your dress and descriptions. Often we find similar lace and bridal materials for changes or alterations. Our hourly rate is at 600 sek plus material cost.

How and when do I pay?

If you place a made-to-order bridal wear, 50% of total price will be invoiced as a deposit. Delivery process starts once the deposit has been collected. The other 50% balance will be invoiced when you try on your dress for the first time.

Full payment by credit card or via Klarna to all the products after ordering and before shipping. Klarna offers both direct payment and installment plans. More information appears upon check out.

Can I keep my bridal wear with you until my wedding?

Yes, our specious bridal wear storage room is here at Nääs Fabriker. Your dress will be hanging nicely in a garment bag marked with your name and wedding day. We keep the storage space dry, clean and secured. Please book a time in advance for pick-up so we will get your dress ready with final touches before the big day.

Do I get a garment bag to store my dress?

All made-to-order bridal wear comes with a garment bag. It protects your dress while travelling and keeps it from dust while hanging in your closet. It also keeps your bridal wear on point and concealed!

You may also purchase a garment bag together with your order. Simply add one to your shopping cart before check out!